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Car Key Cutters,Autospeed services


If you only have one key for your car, we are able to produce duplicate keys. Depending on the type of transponder chip used we may able to make a direct copy of your coded car key.This type of car key replacement is produced utilizing sophisticated equipment to copy the code onto a new transponder chip. Most new cars however, use an encrypted chip which cannot be copied. In this instance we are able to produce a new key and code it directly to your vehicle using diagnostic tools. If you are considering buying or have just bought a new car that was sold with just one key, call us now to arrange for us to visit you and produce a duplicate.

car alarms and trackers


For any car owner owning any type of car, advanced level of security in this modern world is highly essential to protect your car. Security is the major concern to each and every car driver or owner to protect him or her from the various damages or injuries. Whenever you are looking forward to the best car security system, it is better going to the car alarms & car security systems to get the maximum level of advantages in the field of security.

car key replacement locksmiths


Our car key replacement service is available to the general public and motor trade.We produce replacement vehicle keys even when you have no keys at all! Even without the red master key! Some car manufacturers supply key number and immobilizer security codes which simplifies the process of replacing lost car keys. Car keys are our specialty and we are able to produce new car keys even without this information. Our experts are fully equipped with all the required machinery to cut your replacement car keys while you wait.

Ignition and door lock services


We can repair and extract keys on even the toughest jobs. We give you expert services on GPS Tracker installation into your vehicle, vehicle maintenance and repair, car diagnosis, ignition key replacement, CCTV installation and many more. offers you the best ignition key replacement services and we are available 24/7 to help. We can repair your ignition and extract a broken key. We carry all makes and models of replacements, and a certified step-8 technician can be there in no time. Car door locks are ever-changing and increasingly complicated but our method of car door unlocking remains as safe as using a key. We're here when you need us - 24/7.

mercedes Bez Services


Does a diagnosis on your Mercedes show error code:1994 or 1984, then its probable that your ISM is defective. At Carkey Masters, we can reset and adapt the module. In the instance of ISM failing, this may make the gear shift seem to be in reverse or drive instead of parking or neutral. This disorder prevents your car from starting. A computer aided diagnosis will help you to establish if its ISM failure. If you've noticed possible ISM problem, we can assist you replace it and carry out online programming when necessary. The causes of ISM failure is mainly water intrusion that causes corrosive destruction in the control unit.

mercedes Bez Services


It is common for auto keys to wear out due to continued use. We repair broken car keys and replace lost transponder chips. Whether you have lost you only key or just need a spare, Repairs / replacements can be done either to the shell, blade, transponder or the circuit. Repairs on the circuit can be done to most keys except where the circuit was in contact with water. Reach out to us for quick service. If you're having some problems with your keys, we are dedicated to get you out of that ordeal by refurbishing your original car keys and ensure they are in safe working condition.

Emergency lock out services in Nairobi, Kenya


If you've ever found yourself locked out of your car. we are the only way to get back in control of your life and get back inside your car . We recover you form these kinds of emergencies and regain your security. We can do all of this at any hour of the day! When you're locked out, you don't have time to sit around waiting for 'normal business hours' to arrive. we can bring everything needed to help you directly on-site at at any time, day or night. In this guide, we'll tell you a bit more about autokey speed services and emergency lock picking services. Specifically, we'll look at when it's advisable to call one of these services, what they do and offer, sound a note of caution about why you should never try to pick a lock yourself and highlight some of the services they offer aside from getting you into your locked car.

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