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March 28, 2020

It doesn’t matter what you drive, you need to protect it!

It feels good to park your car and finding your ride exactly where you left it. However, every day thousands of people return to their rides only to find them lighter than how they left them. Stealing a whole car is a risky prospect, and normally done by thieves through a well planned and organized process. This makes the arsonists strip off a vehicle by stealing its parts rather than the whole machine.

The U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that thieves can strip a vehicle in less than 30minutes.

thief stripping off a car

You’re wrong when you think no one wants your old ride.


Having an older car might make one think they aren’t a theft target. But you’re wrong, most car thefts involve older models. The reason? it’s easier!! they don’t include the smart key technology that prevents the engine from starting without the fob. However, this does not prevent all newer cars from being stolen.

There are numerous stories of negligence that led to car thefts.


  1. Leaving Keys inside of parked or idling cars.
  2. Not installing car alarms systems to disrupt thieves.
  3. Ignoring fitting some other security features.
  4. Parking your car at deep down at a hidden and secluded point (thieves work field). among others

Thus, the bottom line is all cars can be stolen, however, over 80% of cases of thefts are due to the ignorance or negligence of the car owners .

I heard a young man’s argument that he won’t fit some security features into his ride, just because it looks old.

“It doesn’t matter what you drive, you need to protect it”, one of Autospeed Services directors Mr. Elijah, always reiterates this again and again.

Sometimes, whatever purse or content is in our cars need more security than even the car itself.

Some items people lose inside their cars are more costly, valuable and painful to lose than even the car you don’t like.

People lose certificates, Money, Land ownership certificates, Filmworks, judges losing evidence documents, electronics, tender awards certificates and even expensive jewelry that was more valuable than their unkept old ride.

Some obvious ways to protect your car from theft.


  1. Never leave your Key in the Vehicle.
  2. Never leave Your car running- even for a ten-second trip
  3. Keep valuables and charging cords out of sight from people.
  4. Invest in layered car security. This can include a professionally installed alarm with extra security such as a car boot,tracking system or steering wheel lock.

When shopping for a car alarm, always look up reviews for the system and the alarm installers where you’ll have it installed. Larger retailers that don’t specialize in alarms may install the cut-off device or wiring in a place that’s easy to spot,making them easy for thieves to bypass.
“It doesn’t matter what you drive, you need to protect it!!”

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