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May 22, 2020

By James.

I have always been a car fanatic since I was young. In college I had my room was decorated with all the exotic car’s wallpapers. land rovers, Subaru, and jeeps were always been my dream cars. I couldn’t wait to buy my first car, old or new as long the engine fired and it moved.

I graduated and after a while I landed this job, good enough to buy me an old Toyota dx. Associated with elderly men, carrying nappier grass, and sometimes manure to the farm, this is not what many would consider a 25- year old ride. My colleagues at work found it strangely odd that I drove a dx, turned down lifts, and named him Rusty.

I had bought it from Muranga county, a hilly area, I expected it to behave excellently at Nairobi, a relatively flat region, it did. It was marvelous, just one problem, I only had one key for it. My friend had advised that I get a key cut for the dx but I dismissed him claiming I was still unmarried and I never shared my dx with anyone.

This particular day we took the dx on a road trip to Embu town, after around 250km, the dx was overheating, we had to let it cool down so we parked it by the roadside and went to take drinks across the road. It was around 8 in the evening.

After about an hour we went back to the dx so we can drive back home. The shock on us, I never had the car keys, I ransacked my self went back to the hotel and I couldn’t find the key. It was getting late and my friends had started to panic, I kept my cool.

We tried all options we could come up with, including trying another dx key, the carjacking style, and even prayers. Finally, we were out of options. It was now 10 into the night and we decided to sleep on it until the following morning. That is how we ended spending a very cold night inside my dx.

Early the following day we left for Nairobi by bus to get another key programmed for the dx. All thanks to #AutospeedKeyServices I got a new key and went back to collect the dx. On my way back I passed by Nyeri and met this guy offered me a pretty good deal on the dx he wanted to use it at his dairy farm. I could not hesitate but sell it, after cash transfers I took a matatu back to Nairobi and I started plans to get myself another car. My second car was a Volvo, story for another day. One thing I learned from my dx is that always have a spare key for your cars.

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