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March 31, 2020

The World health organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of Coronavirus in January 2020 and announced it as an epidemic and of international concern. It has been a global issue that has affected global economies, businesses, and even normal daily operations globally. There is no doubt the virus has caused huge stress globally, raising an alarm that each individual has to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus if we have to embark on our normal work schedules.
Companies, employers and businesses have a bigger role to practice all the safety measures in their workplaces. www.autospeedservices.com being a service provider in the automotive sector has implemented safety measures to ensure COVID-19 spread IS PREVENTED AND CONTAINED.

Autospeed Key Services Safety Rules

-We make sure our workplace is clean and hygienic.
– Pieces of equipment, desk surfaces, and tools of work are sanitized at all times.
– Equipping our service team with sanitizers, gloves, and all needful for field service as a precaution measure.

In case, any AutospeedKey Services safety rules that are in place are violated. That is, the key service (car key duplication and car key programming), car diagnostics, the installations (car alarms and car trackers) and the field services are postponed.

other measures we taking in creating awareness of COVID-19 are;


-Updating our team on current trends of this virus is being conveyed by the Cs ministry of Health, Ke.


stay home stay safe

– Insisting on Stay home, stay safe measures.

To materialize the #stayhome #staysafe measure, We have increased our mobile services at no extra cost within Nairobi. and we will avail our service team to your premises with virus prevention gadgets and work tools.

-Using Voice calls and text messaging.

We are encouraging text messaging and #voicecalls negotiations as opposed to face to face negotiations. Our customer service team will provide all the relevant information upon request similar to a face to face conversation.

-Accepting Cashless Payments.


Autospeed services encourage cashless payments

We actively encourage clients to use cashless transactions to prevent avoidable and unnecessary contacts.

-Time to time Temperature checks.

Checking the temperature levels of our team regularly before and after a visit to a client is paramount in accordance with directive Cs Kagwe, ministry of Health Ke.

check your temperature regularly

-In adherence to Curfew.

At www.autospeedservices.com as required by the Law, we aren’t offering any field services past the curfews hours. However, we are available on phone a 24/7 basis consultations.

In conclusion, We assure our clients that safety and precautions are guaranteed and together in unity and actions #covid-19 #weshallovercome

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