About Autospeed Car Key Services

Our services include Lost Car Key Replacement, Spare Car Key Programming, Car Key Cutting, Alarm and Tracker System Installation, Locksmith among many others. We use the latest high-tech car key programming tools and key cutting equipments which enables us to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Our services include car key programming, lost car key replacement, car key duplication/spare and repair of damaged car keys. Our other services include ECU repairs, repairs for ignition and door lock, Steering Unlocking, SRS airbag reset among others

We have also adopted technologies that allow us to program most car keys. As a result, we now support almost all car models. Have you lost or damaged your car keys or just need a duplicate key for your car? We program car keys for almost all the vehicle models in our country Kenya.



Losing your car keys can be very stressfull especially when you realize you’ve lost your car keys and you can’t find it anywhere and the location where car is parked its not safe. First thing to do is to stay calm, then call an automotive locksmith which is us and we will get you back into your car and have a new key replacement. Irregardless of whether the car key type is Keyless or Keyblade we will sort you out. Car key replacement is usually handled in a few different ways. The Best option is giving us a call and we will be there at your location quickly, will get the car key done onsite. What we require form you is some information about the type vehicle model and type of key that got lost.


It is better to get a spare key NOW, on your terms, than to stress out and spend more money in what might be an emergency in lost car key scenario. You can take advantage of the cost-cutting methods here and avoid the extra labor charges incurred in the process of getting a new key replacement.A spare car key can be the difference of you having a bad or a good day that you would want to forget completely. Most of our vehicles here are imported and they come with a single key. Getting a duplicate car key is relatively cheap depending on the vehicle model. It also gives you a piece of mind knowing you have another key incase it get lost. Incase the key get locked inside the car you can use the other to open. Get your Keyless car key Duplicate done in at your location.


You pull on the door handle of your vehicle and . . . nothing! You're locked out, and you can see the keys lying there on the car seat or in the ignition or you've closed the boot/trunk leaving the keys inside. Don't worry give us a call and we will safely open the door with no damages to the car. While many vehicles with push-button ignitions have safeguards designed to prevent this from happening, lockouts continue to be a problem for drivers whose vehicles use conventional keys for the ignition and door locks (and this goes for drivers whose cars have electronic key fobs). Just give us a call and we will come to your location and sort you out.


Here, at Auto Speed Keys, we have the experience and expertise to repair almost any broken or damaged car key and key fob. From broken key blades to the key buttons not working, we are providing a fast and reliable car key repair service. We are committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We do care about our customers and as a result of it, all our work is covered with warranty for a certain period. We can fix almost all the vehicle models found in our counrty Kenya.


As a part of car key repair services, we also offer car key battery replacement. If your car key battery is too low, we will replace your battery with a better and longer lasting one. It will be just what you need.


There was a time when starting your car’s engine was simple. You got in, turned the key.But that is not always the case anymore as the roads become filled with vehicles equiped with technological systems. Manufacturers are aware of the need for additional security measures so they equipped the vehicles with electronic fail safe systems which prevents the vehicle from igniting if the transponder chip in the key is not detected or the keyless key is not in the specified detection area. We have proffessional Key programming tools that are able to handle almost all the vehicle models here in Kenya.


Once there's a problem with either the door lock or the ignition lock, it's hard to think of anything else because you are now stuck and can not start the car or have access to it. Here are few symptoms of failed ignition or door lock: THE KEY WON'T LOCK OR UNLOCK THE CAR DOOR, THE IGNITION CYLINDER IS LOCKED, THE KEY WON'T TURN. We repair the ignition and door lock cylinders at an affordable price which is relatively cheap as to buying new ones. Give us a call and we'll come to you.


To safeguard your vehicle and the stuff inside, its very important to have a security system that alerts you of any security threats that happens to your vehicle and also you can be able to monitor the movement of the vehicle at any given time. We install original car alarm systems that alerts by the alarm horn when there is forced entry into the car. After installation you are given 2 remotes for arming and disarming the vehicle and they require only battery change periodically. Get the best tracking system that enables you to monitor your vehicle on your smart phone. The system gives an accurate location of the vehicle and you are able to shut down and prevent the unauthorized engine starts so safe guarding the vehicle from theft scenarios. Give us a call and let us safe guard your vehicle.


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